Yenko S/C Silverado Truck Is In The Market 

A truck is an essential thing for any person. Other than a car, a car will be useful for many daily tasks. Equipped with a powerful 6.2-litre V-8 engine, the Yenko S/C Silverado truck is capable of carrying not only you but other things you want. As the latest design dedicated to you in this year, this one will promise you a remarkable automobile experience. Designed and produced by Specialty Vehicle Engineering in New Jersey, their new truck is decent in the current market. It has come up with so many upgrades than the earlier versions. When it comes to the Yenko S/C Silverado, the truck is equipped with forged internals and CNC-ported heads. Other than this, the vehicle comes with an upgraded fueling system which can save your fuel at a high rate. Therefore, it will keep your cost per km significantly. Also, the centrifugal supercharger is accompanied with an air-to-water intercooler. All these things will result in generating enormous power. The producers have mentioned that this vehicle has got an 800-horse power. Also, this vehicle is capable of producing 720 lb.-ft of torque as well. When the Yenko S/C Silverado is compared with other producers in the field, they have don earn a perfectly great job in creating this vehicle.

Yenko S/C Silverado is available in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. It is quite an essential segment for a truck like Yenko. So, you will be able to choose the most appropriate ride for your needs. A six-speed automatic transmission generates and sends the power to wheels. Another essential feature of this truck is the improved clutch packs. They are ready to serve you for a long time. The increased durability and the high effectivity are the things associated with the clutch packs. There are other unique features in this truck, such as more robust torque converter, long-tube headers, and a stainless-steel exhaust. Also, they come up with quad tips. All these unique things have made the truck an absolute stunner. You will get so many comfortable factors inside the car. Leather seats, two-tone color design, cup holders, wide-area view, and seat adjustability and there are so many things you might admire.

The safety is not a matter you need to concern with this vehicle at all. The brakes are upgraded with 2-inch forged aluminium. When the stop is a matter with the time, you will be able to stop your vehicle quite smoothly. You can buy these tires in any color you want. Also, the most important thing regarding this vehicle goes to the warranty. Unlike other similar cars in the market, they offer you a unique guarantee. You will get an assurance of 36,000-mile or three years. With the warranty, you will be able to have a proper understanding of the strength of this truck. Yenko S/C Silverados will soon be available in the showrooms in a short time. The price starts at $79,995. Although it is a high value for a truck, that will be worth when compared with the strength and the features. The maintenance and services can be done at Chevy dealers in the area.

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