Renault ZOE Hatchback The Super mini Model

Renault has been looking for an opportunity to produce an electric car with zero-emission. The time has just come, and their latest electrical vehicle is available in the market. Renault ZOE hatchback is an electric car that promises an eco-friendly drive with high energy efficiency. If you are a family man with few members, this will be the best option you can take for your family. The mini looking vehicle promises a safe journey along with comfort. Other than the high energy efficiency, the price will be an impressive thing too. You can purchase this fantastic vehicle for just $4000 in the market. The changes kept dealing with several versions in the series. The latest version brought up some unique features, including the modified infotainment system. Although the battery was located in a disturbing place in the earlier, now it is located in the bottom of the vehicle creating extra space for the passengers. When the price is compared with other similar automobile brands, Renault ZOE hatchback is cheaper than Nissan Leaf and Honda E models. An estimate is also a premium option.

Another awesome thing you get with the vehicle is the premium warranty. You will get either an eight-year guarantee or the 100,000-mile warranty for the battery. The Renault Company assures that the battery cells capacity will not drop down even after the use of consecutive eight years. Also, they have successfully tested that this vehicle is capable of travelling more than 242miles after full charging. Although it is not the best value by an electric car, some credit should go to the producers. Another stunning feature for this brand is the ability to charge the battery up to 80% within an hour. The rapid charging feature has enabled a reliable journey in less time. You will get two options when buying a new Renault ZOE hatchback vehicle. You can either obtain an R110 motor. It will provide you with a 60MPH speed in less than 11.4 seconds. It consists of 106bhp. As the second option, you can have a better performing R135 motor which can let you have a 60MPH speed in less than 9.5 seconds. That particular motor contains 134bhp. It is important to remember that the overall distance may reduce according to the engine you use.

Renault ZOE hatchback is a fresh design which offers you a smooth drive. It is quiet and relaxful. Even you can have a pleasant feeling listening to the calmness of the vehicle. The only con thing that accompanies the car is the difficulty to balance the vehicle. Sometimes you will feel that the car is unstable in the corners. Although the finishing and the exterior appetence looks weird to some people, it consists of a simple but modern look. If you are looking for safety options, you will be much pleased with the ratings the car has got. The car has won a five-star Euro NCAP crash-test rating. Therefore you will enjoy one of the safest rides in the world with Renault ZOE hatchback the super-mini model.

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