Grand Caravan In Canada Is The Chrysler Voyager You Know

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced that they would name their latest Chrysler Voyager as Grand caravan in Canada. They officially announced this on their website. The main reason behind this strategy is to attract more customers in Canada to the latest product. As Chrysler Voyager is a bit unfamiliar name, the company has made this decision. It will be in the market in Canada this fall. However, there will be nothing to bother if there are new feature come up with the latest voyager. The company has confirmed that the Chrysler Voyager would not contain new features. It is the same product you know as Chrysler Voyager in the United States. The new name, Grand caravan is just a strategy. The factory in Windsor, Ontario, was the place where the Grand caravan was built. The same situation is popular among vehicle lovers as the production house for similar vehicles. Voyager, Pacifica, and Chrysler Grand are few of those vehicles. The car has been able to maintain a reputation as a vehicle that has a comfortable, safe, and reliable journey for your family.

287-hp 3.6-litre V-6 engine will provide the necessary power for this vehicle. It is similar to the previous versions as well. As a Chrysler model, the V-6 generator has equipped with the power needed your need from the vehicle. The nine-speed automatic transmission will be an addition to this vehicle as well. Although it is an automatic transmission vehicle, the nine-speed system will provide the smooth comfort you throughout the journey. Another thing you can be pleased with the vehicle is the, A 7.0-inch touchscreen. Though it is a formality to have a system on the caravans, this one is a spectacular one for sure. You will be able to adjust so many settings with this screen. Android Pay and Apple Car will be available for the caravan users for enhanced entertainment. Those things will surely satisfy your ears where ever you go. Also, the new caravan is willing to provide you with two trim levels. Base trim and an SXT trim are visible in the vehicle. Other than the basic features like power mirrors, power shutters, and fresh lighting system, you will get comfortable seats in this vehicle. The safety has increased with airbags as well. Also, you have the freedom to make some changes to the cars as modifications. Parts, stickers, and paints will be applicable for the vehicle as a caravan. They are comfortable enough to take you to a long drive which expands for several hours.

The price begins for this vehicle form $30,000 in Canada. That will be a better option than purchasing a Chrysler Pacifica like a vehicle as you have the liberty to get some extra features for a lower price. When the Chrysler Pacifica is available in the market for $35,000, you can buy a standard Chrysler Voyager for a reasonable price like $30,000. The most important thing is that the Chrysler Voyager I the latest version of the Chrysler vehicle series.

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