Aventador SVJ has patterns from Saturn

An Italian car is a dream for most of the youngsters. If you are a person who wishes to buy a Lamborghini, you will care for every detail of the car you are going to buy. You have every right to be aware of the product you are going to expend more than half a million dollars. What, if you can customize every detail of the car you are going to buy? That will be a beautiful thing to do indeed. As you know, some car companies have facilitated to customize their products. However, this is the first time Lamborghini Company is in this type of business. You will get to decide every detail about your Lamborghini. Even if it is a stitch, you will be able to get it done. They have announced this facility to their customers on promoting new virtual Ad Personam studio. The company is looking forward to producing Aventador SVJ cars on behalf of this function. The bad news is that only ten vehicles are to be made. The wealthiest people in the world will be the contestants. However, a clear announcement has not been made yet regarding the procedure.

Other than the customization process, you will be happy to know that the  Aventador SVJ has got a pretty awesome face. Although other Lamborghini cars come with the same look, you will get some additional features as well. Specific wheels are some of the unique qualities you get to see on a Lamborghini. Following the same theory, you will get a stunning design to the Aventador SVJ version. Other than that, hexagon patterns will apply a decent look for the body. If you are looking for the customization for the hexagon patterns, you will get to do that also. The incredible thing about the hexagon pattern is that they have inspired the clouds of models. Yep, it is about Saturn, the planet. The announced colour patterns in great shape. There is a stunning composition of the colours. The designs are available not only outside the car but also inside the vehicle as well. The effects have run on the seats as well.

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has got pretty impressive stats too when comparing with the other competing Lamborghini models. It has got a 6.5-litre V-12 powerful engine that can produce the torque your car in the shortest time. The engine sends 759 horsepower to all four wheels. Another thing you need to remember in this car is that it has got more strength than standard Aventador V-12. Twenty-nine horses supply the power to this latest model. It can reach 60MPH in 2.6 seconds. Also, it has got a maximum speed of 217MPH. You can buy this car for $521,265 in the market. Another important thing you should remember is that you done don't need to pay a visit to the company to provide customization. It will be ready once they made the official announcement. Isn'tIsn't it wonderful to travel in a supercar specially designed for you?

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